Common Questions

Lessons focus on learning and applying the Technique. The approach is one of gentle hands-on. Elizabeth will guide you through the fundamental movement patterns which include sitting, standing, and lying down. Through these repeated movements your body will re-learn these new habits of moving correctly and relieve you of the tensions and stresses that you hold in your muscles. At the end of the lesson you will leave with an improved sense of balance, poise and well being.

What can the Alexander Technique help with?

The Alexander Technique will benefit your posture and free your movement from tension. It can result in easier breathing and increased energy and vitality. The technique is particularly helpful for people who have chronic pain, injury or excessive stress and tension. The technique also has reported benefits in mental ability (such as learning) and improvement of self-confidence and awareness.

How many lessons will I need?

This varies with the individual. Typically a foundation of 10 to 20 lessons will enable you to begin thinking about the Alexander Technique in your everyday life. As your teacher, Elizabeth will guide you through the technique and provide feedback as you progress and you can use this to determine how many lessons are right for you.

What qualifications does a teacher of the Alexander Technique need?

Teachers of the qualification are required to undergo a period of 3 years training at a STAT (Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique) approved school. Upon graduation, teachers are awarded membership of STAT (the qualification is MSTAT). Only then are they allowed to teach the technique.

Why should I do the Alexander Technique?

See “What can the Alexander Technique help with?”

What happens in a group or workshop?

Workshops can provide an easy introduction to the Alexander Technique. A workshop will typically consist of a talk about the Alexander Technique and the methods behind it, followed by a demonstration of the technique.

Elizabeth’s workshops are deliberately kept to small numbers so that each participant can get to experience feeling the technique in action.

How can I find out more about the Alexander Technique?

Elizabeth will be pleased to address any queries that you have about the technique through the contact section of the web site.

You may also wish to attend one of Elizabeth’s workshops.

The STAT website can provide answers to more general queries.