About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Hathaway Alexander Technique Teacher

In 1983 I had a severe back problem – acute sciatica resulting in walking and climbing stairs being very difficult. I tried various treatments including consulting an osteopath who said I had very bad posture and scoliosis of my spine.

I had always thought of myself as having bad posture – and being rather stiff and uncoordinated – having been constantly told to sit up straight.

I realised that the osteopath was rather like first aid and that if I didn’t change more fundamentally, the problem would keep occurring.

I started having Alexander Technique(AT) lessons, my back problem dramatically improved and a lot of pain in one shoulder which was going across my neck and down my arm also went away.

I continued having lessons and in 1990 embarked on a three year full time teacher training course at the Alexander Re-education Centre (Director Ray Evans) to become a fully qualified AT teacher, graduating in 1993 and I continue my studies by attending Professional Development courses. I have trained and studied for many years with the late Peggy Williams and Walter Carrington who both trained with F.M. Alexander. I shall be eternally grateful for their wisdom.

Since qualifying I have been teaching in my own private practice, regularly lecturing on the technique and I have also taught on an AT teacher training course. I now have no trouble with my back, I am also 2.5 inches taller.